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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Work, New Sizes this Spring!

Come out this spring and see new work and new larger sizes (34" x 34" square prints and 24" x 51" panos) I'm very excited to show my work at this size that I've always wanted to create!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Magic City Art Connection/ Spider Martin Award!

Just got back late last night from the Magic City Art Connection in Birmingham, AL! We had a fantastic show there, the people were interested, talking about art, talking with artists, and most importantly for the future of independent artists everywhere, buying art! I was very honored to receive the Spider Martin Award for Photography from juror Dan Tague! The weather was a little crazy on Saturday (potential tornadoes) so the closed the show entirely. Not being one to tempt fate I took everything down Friday night, packed it in the car and drove home. Then on Sunday morning at 4 AM I drove back to Birmingham, set the whole thing up again and enjoyed another beautiful day! As I said it turned out to be a great show in spite of the absence of a Saturday. With the award comes an invitation back for next year so I'm already looking forward to going back to Alabama!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I spoke to my friend Signe yesterday at the Magic City Art Festival in Birmingham, AL and she informed me, to my amazement, that she had seen some of my new work on this blog! I was under the impression that nobody ever read this thing. So, as a tribute to my friend Signe and as a treat for those others of you that may be reading this without my knowledge, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to her work!
Since the very first time I met Signe I've absolutely loved her paintings. They are scenes that feel familiar, like you could walk into them and feel right at home. Anonymously. I love the way she uses layers of simple paper cut out-looking flat paint on top of beautifully organic streaks of color. The "snapshot" feel of the compositions allows every viewer to relate to the subjects. I'm not an art writer so I'll stop trying and let the images speak for themselves.


To see more of Signe's work visit her web site here: http://www.galleryair.com/signe.htm

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mulberry Street Show, Macon, GA

Tia and I just got back from the Mulberry Street Art Festival in Macon, GA. There were big crowds and in spite of the weather reports both days were pretty nice weather. The wind was a bit too much for the second show in a row but then, that's March I guess. I had an OK show, the economy is not exactly back where it was in say 2007 but it's creeping back in the right direction. Tia, on the other hand, had a very successful show! This was only the second show she's ever done and the first one was so small and last minute it really didn't count. But what we learned was that she's going to need a lot more inventory! That's a good thing! If she keeps it up we may both end up making jewelry. ; ) This is an example of her work.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Show Update/ First Prize for Photography!

I just got back in town from the Eastern Shore Art Center's Outdoor Art Festival in Fairhope, AL. For those not familiar with the area, it's the little tip of Alabama that juts out into the gulf of Mexico. It's a really beautiful part of the country and worth a visit if you ever have the time. Anyway, the show was a lot of fun even though the wind on Sunday was a little sketchy. I was happy to receive the first prize for photography award among some really great competition! I got a lot of great feedback for my newest works too which I was showing there for the first time ever! Next Tia and I are on to Macon for the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend! Let's hope the weather holds out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Upcoming Shows

Check the show schedule for upcoming shows! Just got positive jury results for Decatur Arts Festival and Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, two of my favorites!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday

OK, so I got a little distracted by the new work and never even started doing a music Monday so here it is. I think what I'll do for now is lists, like in High Fidelity (one of the best books I've ever read I might add) So here goes, my first top five:

Top Five all-time best 80's albums (how's that for a starting point?!)

5. Prince, Purple Rain- Front to back one of the most solid albums ever, not just the Eighties. Once I heard a quote from Prince when someone asked him what kind of music he listened to and his answer was "I only listen to my own music" (paraphrasing) but it was so cocky and so arrogant but then again, he's Prince. You can't argue with that.

4. The Police, Synchronicity- You may not even realize how many songs that you know and love came off of that one album. Synchronicity, Walking in your Footsteps, Every Breath you Take, Wrapped Around you Finger, Tea in the Sahara, etc. This is their masterpiece. If you don't have it, go get it! NOW!

3. REM, Murmur- You've probably forgotten by now with over 20 studio, compilation, and live releases, that REM was once the original "indie" band. Although they called it "college radio" back then. But Murmur is not only one of the best of the Eighties, it was also, at the time, something completely new and truly "alternative". Not to mention it was a debut album! Not bad for a little Athens, GA band.

2. Paul Simon, Graceland- This one blew my mind when I listened to it for the first time. It was the first experience I'd had with any of these African rhythms used in pop music. Probably the first time anybody had experienced it! Paul Simon was and continues to be on the edge of what is popular in music but it always seems like the rest of the wave is behind him. A true innovator, and this was an incredibly powerful and moving album!

1. Michael Jackson, Thriller- And no, I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon because the guy just died. Say what you will about Michael but there is no denying that the man had a gift! And Thriller was, I would venture to say, the apex of his career along with the single most recognizable music from the 80's. Yeah, it's sort of expected but it's expected for a good reason. This album is one of the most well written, well produced, and well executed albums not only of the 80's but, I'd say, in the history of pop music! Way to go Mike! You're at the top of my list, now you know you've really made it!